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An Opportunity to Innovate

By Cindy DeLancey - President of the Wyoming Business Alliance

CHEYENNE, Wyo. - Here in Wyoming, we are nestled into our own piece of heaven as we’re surrounded by some of the most beautiful national parks, diverse wildlife, and breathtaking scenery. We’re also at the crossroads of where the great American outdoors meets American energy, an industry that has a unique opportunity to reinvent how the world sustainably consumes the power we need to keep modern life moving. For decades, we’ve been able to create and foster an environment that has both protected our wildlife and natural beauties while also allowing our state to play a crucial role in shaping our nation’s energy industry. As Governor Gordon said, “Wyoming has it all.” While some in Washington, D.C., believe placing additional regulations - like a moratorium on oil and gas leasing on federal lands - will lead to the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, we believe we need to think outside of the box and see this as an opportunity to innovate, not regulate. In fact, American oil and gas has seen emissions related to the production of these energy sources fall by a staggering 60% due to advancements in technology. This means not only are we able to supply the world with the crucial energy we need, but we are setting the global standard for doing so in an environmentally friendly way. By cutting out oil and gas production on federal land, we risk losing the tax revenues and jobs associated with these activities. The loss of these jobs will impact Wyoming people and Wyoming families. In 2019, the industry provided Wyoming nearly $1.67 billion in taxes. These taxes served as a vital source of income for communities throughout the state. With a continuation of a leasing moratorium on federal lands, we will see future tax revenues continue to diminish making it more difficult for our communities to afford the materials to keep essential services running, and schools up to date with the latest learning resources. Wyoming has lost out on tens of millions of dollars in revenue as a direct result of the federal government’s moratorium on federal lands leasing – funding that Wyoming schools rely on to educate the next generation. Not only does the industry provide students with the necessary resources to learn, but the industry is also on the forefront of clean energy solutions for the future. Wyoming has been a global leader of the carbon capture and storage movement for many years now as it is home to one of the most prolific carbon capture facilities in LaBarge. Not only does our state have the ability to store almost 50 years’ worth of our nation’s total carbon emissions, but we also have the drive and determination needed to make this possible so long as we push to prioritize innovation over regulation. Wyoming and our country are presented with a unique opportunity to be the world leader in energy innovation and now is the time to capitalize. By working together to make smart policy decisions and promote a diverse energy portfolio, we can show the world that it is possible to meet our energy and climate needs while at the same time keeping our economy moving forward. Cindy DeLancey Wyoming Business Alliance President

An Opportunity to Innovate
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