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The Wyoming Business Alliance / Wyoming Heritage Foundation serves as Wyoming’s premier business advocate and proponent. It ensures a unified, lasting voice for business, and it facilitates a growing, proactive, and inclusive business environment and climate by promoting effective leadership development; thoughtful public discussion; stewardship of our vital natural resources; sound investment; facilitation of public forums and input; establishment of an unparalleled statewide network; and an issue advocacy arm.


Wyoming Business Alliance: To promote and advocate a growing economy by connecting business leaders from across Wyoming, representing business interests and issues, and partnering with key business organizations and trade associations.

Wyoming Heritage Foundation: To promote Wyoming’s economic heritage and values and to develop principled, knowledgeable leaders across the spectrum of public and private leadership positions.


  1. Knowledgeable, principled, and engaged leaders lead private, public, and non-profit organizations throughout Wyoming.

  2. Wyoming’s economic assets, natural resource base, and business diversification interests are recognized and advocated for.

  3. Business sustainment, growth, and development opportunities exist due to shared public, private, and non-profit support, programs, and initiatives.

  4. Sustainable and competitive physical and virtual infrastructure fully supports business and communities.

  5. Public services (healthcare, highways, education) assure a quality of life for citizens and community vitality.


WBA's Guiding Principles

Business Makes Wyoming Better.

The Wyoming Business Alliance supports public policy and legislation that enhances a sound business environment and promotes economic diversification. We do not support adding regulatory barriers or additional burdens on business in Wyoming.

The WBA members support the following:

  • Supporting legislation and budget items that promote modernization and efficiency in government, education and promote workforce development.

  • Supporting legislation that incentivizes investment to broaden Wyoming’s tax base.

  • Supporting legislation that encourages enhanced production for natural resources.

  • Promoting certainty and clarity of current and future tax policy for all industries.

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