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  • Economic Research

    Wyoming’s most comprehensive research for your business. Readily available statistics regarding state legislation, federal rules and regulations, education, social issues, economic and labor trends, initiatives and federal land activity. You can access the resource center for your information needs. Take advantage of our economic research.


    Laws and regulations do impact our state’s economy. The Wyoming Business Alliance is your business advocate during the legislature and throughout the year. We speak out, testify, issue position papers and sponsor information meetings. Communicating with legislators and state and federal agencies is the key. That’s our business for your business and the citizens of Wyoming. The Business Alliance works for you! Download the Approved Process for Positions (PDF)

    Meaningful Public Policy

    An important need for Wyoming is the creation of a Heritage Policy Center with a $3 million endowment goal. Its purpose is to prepare unbiased and factual position papers, focusing out 10-15 years, in order to provide strategic, business thinking in addressing long-term challenges to our state. The process may begin from the local ground up, utilizing a Committee of 100 and engaging local community leadership across the state, issue by issue. Since 2008 two white papers have been completed -- one on the economic contributions to of the oil and gas industry in the state and the other relating to state and local government spending.

    Economic Outlook Forums

    In 1996 Wyoming's economy remained somewhat sluggish and the effects of the bust some ten years before continued to be felt. Recognizing the importance of broadening the state's economy, the Wyoming Business Alliance held the state's first economic outlook forum. That forum led to the UCross Retreat later that year which paved the way for the creation of the Wyoming Business Council. Recognizing the success of the first Economic Outlook Forum, held in Casper, the Alliance held yearly conferences between 1996 and 2007. In 2008 Cheyenne was added as a location venue. In 2009 Riverton and Rock Springs were added; in 2010 Gillette and Evanston were included; Sheridan, Cody, Worland, and Laramie were added in 2011. In 2012 there were 12 Economic Outlook Forums over a 3-week period in the spring. The forums feature a major guest speaker and local business and government panelists.

    Issue Forums

    As the need arises, the Wyoming Business Alliance has organized forums targeting specific issues facing the state. To date, the organization has held five of these: healthcare, telecomunications, Monitored Retrievable Storage, education, and the state's budget.

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