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The Wyoming Business Alliance joins the state of Wyoming and the nation in commending strides taken by President Trump to streamline energy infrastructure development and reform the issuing of permits.

President Trump signed two Executive Orders on April 10, 2019 that, according to a White House Press Release, will:

  • Address regional and local energy supply constraints and promote an efficient energy market

  • Require the Environmental Protection Agency to review and update the outdated guidance regarding certification under section 401 of the Clean Water Act

  • Require the Department of Transportation to update its regulations to reflect the modern Liquefied Natural Gas development ongoing in the United States.

  • Address regulatory and permitting barriers to financing new energy infrastructure and prioritize the safe operation of existing infrastructure on Federal lands

“The business community applauds President Trump’s actions to help modernize and streamline the regulatory process. Anytime the government can create regulatory certainty and eliminate barriers to growth, it is a win for business and for Wyoming.” Stated Wyoming Business Alliance President Cindy DeLancey.

The changes in the Executive Order are essential in promoting oil and natural gas development in Wyoming. They help will secure economic growth while maintaining sustainable environmental practices and catering to consumers throughout the United States and the world.

Industry projections suggest that the Executive Orders allow for additional market opportunities for oil, gas and Wyoming’s coal.

Read the Executive Orders at:



Contact: Cindy DeLancey President

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