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As more employers offer work from home options, WBA offers these tips as guidance. Each member of your team is essential and has responsibilities to help the organization be successful, especially during challenging times. Employers should deliver clear expectations to your entire workforce.



Includes Tips On

  • Home Office: Employees need dedicated workspace and the right equipment do their jobs effectively

  • Time Management: Working from home is not vacation time.

  • Communication: People need space to talk right now; employees are very confused and worried about the future of their jobs.

  • Regular Reports & Updates: A daily or weekly activity report can be a helpful resource to keep everyone connected when working remotely.

  • Video & Conference Calls Tips: Make sure your employees have the right equipment, high-speed Internet access and technology resources available to them.

  • Suggested Resources


This document is not intended to offer legal advice. Employment situations are unique to every business and specific industries. Please consult your legal advisor or the Wyoming State Bar for an attorney referral to address specific questions about local, state or federal employment laws.

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