Oct. 13 Beef Processing Webinar

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM MST

Learn from industry experts about the current status of enhancing local processing to propel Wyoming’s agricultural economy.

This is a WBA member only and invited guest event. Call-in information is on the members only page at https://www.wyomingbusinessalliance.com/


LISA JOHNSON Orbis Advantage, Inc.

Lisa Johnson, president of Orbis Advantage, Inc., is a business consultant and public policy advisor. Her economic development career has spanned 20+ years and three states, with leadership roles at the county, regional and state level. Her team at Orbis Advantage has extensive business consulting experience in agribusiness, and specifically in evaluating the meat processing industry in Wyoming. Projects of note include the Ag Sector Strategy for Central Wyoming College, the Wyoming Beef Industry Study for the Wyoming Business Council, and feasibility studies and business plans for private industry. She also serves on the WBA Steering and Finance Committees.


JIM MAGAGNA Wyoming Stock Growers Association

Jim has served as Executive Vice President of the Wyoming Stock Growers Association since 1998. Prior to assuming this position, he served as Director of the Wyoming Office of State Lands and Investments and Office of Federal Land Policy. During that time he was also the Chairman of the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.

SEN. CHERI STEINMETZ Wyoming Legislature

Senator Cheri Steinmetz has a deep appreciation for Wyoming's independent rural way of life, close-knit communities and the land. She represents District 3 comprised of Goshen, Niobrara, and Weston Counties in the Wyoming State Senate. She currently serves on the Agriculture, State and Public Lands and Water Resources Committee and the Transportation, Highways and Military Affairs Committee. Prior to being elected to the Senate, she served in the Wyoming House of Representatives for four years. Senator Steinmetz and her husband Corey have deep roots in Goshen County with their grandchildren representing the sixth generation to be raised in Wyoming. They own and operate multiple businesses located in Torrington and have been involved in several aspects of production agriculture. 

REP. TYLER LINDHOLM Wyoming Legislature

Rep. Tyler Lindholm is the Vice President of the Jackpot Ranch in Sundance that primarily raises beef cattle.During his time in the legislature, Rep. Lindholm has sponsored and passed several pieces of legislation that have become model legislation such as the Wyoming Food Freedom Act. The Wyoming Food Freedom Act still stands as the best available option to sell food directly from a producer to a consumer in the United States. With Rep. Lindholm’s help, other states have adopted similar pieces of legislation.

STACIA BERRY Wyoming Department of Agriculture

Stacia Berry is the Deputy Director of the Wyoming Department of Agriculture, a state agency that is dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of Wyoming’s agriculture, natural resources and contribution to Wyoming quality of life. Stacia is a fourth generation Wyomingite with deep roots in agriculture. Her family homesteaded north of Cheyenne more than 100 years ago, and continues to help her family raise registered horned Hereford cattle to this day. Stacia lives on and remains active in her family’s livestock operation.

CARLA WEISER Wyoming Ranch Foods, LLC

Carla Weiser is a Wyoming native and entrepreneur from Wheatland. Recently, Weiser purchased a previously closed down processing plant in Torrington which is being remodeled and refurbished to open up as Wyoming Ranch Foods, LLC where USDA certified beef will be offered for retail consumption as well as custom processing. She says, “Every day we are learning as we are moving forward with achieving our goal of opening up this plant and doing our part in making Wyoming beef more accessible to our residents and giving local ranchers another venue for getting their animals from ranch to table as well as providing local employment opportunities.”


Wyoming Business Council

Jill Tregemba, Agribusiness Manager for the Wyoming Business Council, is responsible for identifying economic opportunities that innovate and add value to Agriculture- one of Wyoming’s core industries. Jill is a 4th generation Wyoming native, earning her degree in International Agriculture from the University of Wyoming.

SHONDA BOYD U.S. Meat and Produce Market

Before launching this effort, Boyd ran her own painting company in addition to farming with her husband Tyler in Platte County. In April 2020, she started efforts to help producers go somewhere with their market animals and feed Americans. Donating their time and expertise, Boyd and another producer constructed an online map showing local food markets and availability. The United States Meat and Produce Market Map has been a bigger success than they ever could have imagined.

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