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  • Executive Director for Leadership Wyoming

    The Executive Director is the chief staff person for the Leadership Wyoming program and is the voice and face of this program and the overall Leadership Wyoming organization throughout the state. The Executive Director of Leadership Wyoming is responsible for the management, growth and development of the Leadership Wyoming Program.  CLOSING DATE FOR APPLICATIONS: October 25, 2017


  • Executive Director– Wyoming Excels

    Location: Wyoming  


    Wyoming Excels is a program of the Wyoming Heritage Foundation. The Wyoming Heritage Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-partisan coalition of business leaders who have joined forces to advance education outcomes for all children and youth in Wyoming.  Business leaders have the opportunity and capacity to work toward efforts to transform the education system with the current education professionals as partners. Because today’s students are tomorrow’s workforce, the business community represents an influential constituency whose interest in better educational outcomes is entirely aligned with the best interests and needs of Wyoming’s students, families and communities. It is imperative for business leaders to engage with education if they hope to improve their workforce pipeline and our state’s competitive advantage.

    Our vision is that every student in Wyoming graduates with the knowledge, skills and behaviors necessary to succeed in competitive global economy. To that end, Wyoming Excels unifies the collective voice and power of the business community to secure the resources, apply the strategy, and eradicate the barriers that hinder great teaching, learning, and achievement.

    Role and Responsibilities

    This position offers the successful candidate the opportunity to have a high-profile and profound impact on the direction of education in Wyoming. The Executive Director will be responsible for leading the organization in accordance with its core values, driven by its mission with oversite by the President of the Wyoming Heritage Foundation.

    In strategic vision and leadership, the Executive Director will:

    1.Lead the day-to-day operations of the organization and collaborate with the board to refine and implement the strategic plan while ensuring that the budget, staff and priorities are aligned with Wyoming Excels’ core mission.

    2.Work collaboratively to identify and implement strategic ideas and tactics to improve Wyoming’s public education system to lift outcomes for all children.

    3.Provide inspirational leadership and direction to ensure the continued development and management of a professional and efficient organization; establish effective decision-making processes that will enable Wyoming Excels to achieve its long- and short-term goals and objectives

    4.Cultivate a strong and transparent working relationship with the Board and ensure open communication about the measurement of financial, programmatic, and impact performance against stated milestones and goals

    The Executive Director will ensure the organization achieves broad community recognition and influence through communications and partnerships:

    1.Foster transparent, collaborative relationships and agreements with the business community, policy makers, community groups and partner organizations.

    2.Represent Wyoming Excels and advance its perspective and goals among businesses, agencies, organizations, public officials, and the general public.

    3.Publicize and promote the activities of the organization, its programs and goals to its membership and the public.

    4.Formulate and execute comprehensive marketing, branding and development strategies that will promote the activities of the organization and enhance its reputation, visibility, and fundraising opportunities from major donors, foundations and corporations.

    In membership and program development the Executive Director will:

    1.In partnership with the Board, build a diverse and inclusive membership representative of the business community that is highly engaged and willing to leverage and secure resources.

    2.Promote active and broad participation by membership in all areas of the organization's work.

    3.Mobilize the membership as appropriate to support the strategic plan and direction of Wyoming Excels.

    In organizational systems and administration the President will:

    1.Maintain a working knowledge and deep awareness of significant developments and trends in education and initiate appropriate action.

    2.Develop and maintain sound financial practices that ensure that the flow of funds permits Wyoming Excels to make continuous progress towards the achievement of its mission and that those funds are allocated properly to reflect present needs and future potential.

    3.Maintain official records and documents, and ensure compliance with federal, state and local regulations.


    We are seeking an entrepreneurial leader with a history of effectiveness working with senior business leaders, policy makers and other community partners. The successful candidate will be driven by a vision of transformation that ensures every child has the opportunity to fulfill their potential and succeed in a competitive global economy. This individual will be capable of leading the organization as it translates this vision into practice and, ultimately, alters Wyoming’s public school system. To achieve this, the successful candidate will have the following minimum qualifications:

    • Dynamic leadership and articulate, persuasive communication skills - Ability to engage and lead multiple constituencies and build coalitions moving seamlessly between the worlds of business, education, policy and non-profit management.
    • Policy and advocacy expertise – Must be a diplomatic, team-player with a demonstrated understanding of the legislative process and experience navigating complex issues, building relationships and working collaboratively with all stakeholders and interested parties.
    • Results-proven track record of exceeding goals and a bottom-line orientation—Evidence of the ability to consistently make good decisions through a combination of analysis, wisdom, experience, and judgment; high level of business acumen; the ability to balance the delivery of programs against the realities of a budget; and problem solving, project management, and creative resourcefulness.
    • Strategic Vision and Agility—Ability to think strategically, anticipate future consequences and trends, and incorporate them into the organizational plan.
    • Capacity Building—Ability to effectively build organization and staff capacity, manage a high-powered board of directors and develop a top-notch workforce and the processes that ensure the organization runs smoothly.
    • Leadership and Organization—Exceptional capacity for managing and leading people; a team builder who has experience in scaling up organizations; capacity to enforce accountability, develop and empower top-notch leaders from the bottom up, lead from the top down, cultivate entrepreneurship, and learn the strengths and weaknesses of the team so as to put people in a position to succeed
    • Action Oriented—Enjoys working hard and looks for challenges; able to act and react as necessary, even when limited information is available; not afraid to take charge of a situation; can overcome resistance to leadership and take unpopular stands when necessary.
    • General Management—Thorough understanding of finance, operations, broad experience with the full range of business functions and systems, including strategic development and planning, budgeting, business analysis, finance, information systems, human resources, and marketing. Ability to travel within the State of Wyoming and nationally, when needed.


    This is an outstanding opportunity for a highly motivated professional to assume a pivotal role in the evolution of an organization. We are seeking an individual of outstanding quality with a respected track record. Salary range $40,000 - $55,000 as well as vacation benefits.

    To Apply

    Please submit a cover letter and resume to Cindy DeLancey, President Wyoming Heritage Foundation at cindy@wyoba.com.